Why Getting Married in Italy and choose Rome like your destination Wedding


Italy is the epitamy of love and romance! The sights, the sounds, the food and the music work together to create the perfect backdrop to a beutiful destination dream wedding in Rome. Rome is full of history , taly is considered to be the biggest open museum in the world. Many turists come to Rome and then they decide to celebrate their destination wedding here.

It is becoming more and more popular for foreign couples to host destiantion weddings in Rome. The reasons why they host Rome as their main destination are several but the main is the weather , in Rome the sun shines a lot during the year and the climate is mild all seasons.

Rome is considered the eternal City so here you can promise Eternal LOVE. Getting Married in Rome can be very emotional not only for the bride and groom but also for their guests , Rome is the most Romantic City in the world and everyone will fall in love of it.

The food is also another big reason why Rome is usually taken into consideration , wedding dinners can be endless and very tasty. Without talking about the wonderful table full of sweets , cakes, Almond Jordans…

Some cuoples choose Rome as destination for their wedding because it is sometimes easier for paperwork for them here in Italy than where they live. Italian have a high and real sense of hospitality and this aspect assure a lot the future cuoples.

When you plan your destination Wedding in Italy at the beginning could be very difficult to decide the Venue or your location , because Italy is the only country in Europe that offers a great range of locations and it is very difficult o choose only one .

Your wedding can take place in one of the most amazing beaches near the river in the mountain , city or countryside.

In my next article I would like to explain a bit more about why getting married in the Rome Countryside could be even more interesting than getting married in Rome itself. So happy reading 😉 and happy planning .

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