Why getting married in Rome Countryside


Why getting married outside Rome … in the Countryside could be even more interesting and cheaper than getting married in Rome itself:
Here I am with a new article as promised about the Countryside of Rome. Since I run my busisness in the wedding industry I tried to sponsorise the idea of getting married outside ROME specifically in the Countryside , this idea came out for several reasons.

The first one and by far is the most important …. is the budget… yes getting married outside Rome can be much cheaper than getting married in Rome itself. It is not only cheaper the choise of the Venues but also the hotels rates where you and your guests can sleep are far far cheaper in comparison with Rome, but don’t worry because reaching Rome isn’t that difficult or expensive, from those VENUES in the countryside.

See the Rome Countryside…

Hotels or B&B have also the transfer service to the nearest train station. By Train You can reach Rome in less than 30 minutes and the cost of one way ticket is 3 euros less than 4$. The train will stop in the main train station in Rome where it is possible to reach all main tourist attractions on foot.

The reason why prices are cheaper in the countryside is that you are not in Rome , but nobody can avoid you to take pictures in Rome and then have your party in the countryside or… as most of my brides did in the past … they got married they had their party and the day after the newly couple went around in Rome to take pictures in tranquillity without the stress of the guests waiting for them to come back.

Another reason why the cost of your wedding is lower in the countryside is that foreign couples don’t necessary want to get married on week-end days but they can also get married during the normal working days and most Venues outside Rome have a great disount for those couples who don’t get married on Fridays Saturdays or Sundays , so as result to motivate couples to get married on working days , Venues will give to the couples good discounts, for the same menus you would chose on weekends.

Wedding in Rome Countryside Wedding in Rome Countryside (Farmhouse La Polledrara in Paliano)

Another fashinating reason to get married in the countryside of Rome is to have the benefit to eat food ”zero food miles” it means from farm to tabe 😉
thanks to the huge green areas in the country there is the opportunity to grow plants , vegetables and to raise cattle so that the farmhouse can cook its own products.

Many Venues outside Rome known as ”farmahouse restaurants ” have plenty green areas where it is possible to celebrate a ROMANTIC SYMBOLIC CEREMONY , many of them have also the possibility of a civil wedding ceremony.

Sometimes it is also possible to cook the dinner in front of the guests such us preparing pizza or homemade pasta and cooking outside under your guests eyes. And they will be amazed from this fantastic show. And for the most brave it is also possible to cook and prepare their own pizza 😉

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